Avast Antivirus Customer Service Phone Helpline Number In Usa To Fix Issues

Originally started in 1988 Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera, Avast Antivirus is a leading internet security application developed by Avast, a security software manufacturing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. It is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, it is available for all major mobile apps. Around 100 million plus users are downloaded this application from Google store itself. Around 21.4% of the global security software market owes to Avast Corporation. It has potential customers in all 5 continents. This section is providing an overview regarding various issues and the avast antivirus customer service phone number to contact avast antivirus technical support.

The Avast Internet security application comes under both free and premium versions. The free version can download from avast.com source website after the registration. Frequent security updates are available both on free and premium versions. A noticeable disparity between the Free and Premium version is- The premium users can contact the Avast antivirus technical support, whereas the non-premium users are not allowed to contact them.

Because of its service excellence the application bagged many awards and recognition from CNET, Google, CNN, including many notable organizations across the world. To evaluate its performance, one can read its performance test review did by researchers of Softpedia.com and Download.com. As it is one of the known internet security application its technical support team are more conscious about the safety and security of the mail application. To a better extent they succeed in giving best technical support to the end users. But still many of Avast users are utterly unaware about- the way that they can get the Avast Antivirus customer support from the executives.


There are many ways to contact the Avast technical support including Form, support Forum or by creating a Support ticket to get the technician’s guidance by using email or by phone.


Avast offline support is available through its forum link (https://forum.avast.com/) or through the help center page (https://www.avast.com/en-in/faq.php?article=AVKB44#) managed by the Avast Antivirus customer support team of Avast. Both are good ways to fix the issue. If you’ve minimal technical knowledge, then the help center option will be perfect option to fix the issue.

In case you use the forum mode of technical support, then add your query there on forum by simply registering it with the email address and password.


Those who are unable to resolve the issue using the information added the help center can use the Online tech support option of Avast. For that, you first create a ticket (https://id.avast.com/?target=http%3A%2F%2Fsupport.avast.com%2Flogin%2Fsso#login) by registering with your User Name and the password on Adobe.com domain. Once after that, register your issue and prefer a time you want to get a call back (if you selected phone support option) from a representative of online Avast antivirus customer service. They will help you to fix your issue within no time.